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Rideshare and delivery drivers make up a growing sector of workers who are moving Massachusetts. Yet, we currently lack access to basic rights on the jobs, including:

App-based service companies such as Uber, Lyft and Via spend millions to avoid their responsibilities as employers, and ultimately, hundreds of thousands of workers like us in this growing sector are losing out.

That’s why rideshare and delivery drivers in Massachusetts are joining together in the Massachusetts Independent Drivers Guild, part of a movement to improve pay and benefits through traditional bargaining rights that’s gaining steam in states around the country, including:

Massachusetts rideshare and delivery drivers can’t afford to wait for court rulings to create a better life for ourselves and our families. We’re looking for innovative ways to overcome the fact that right now we have almost no control over how much we’re paid, and we receive little to no benefits or protections from being laid off, deactivated, or paid less and less over time.

It's time to change all that.

Rideshare and delivery drivers in Massachusetts are uniting to push back against the platforms whose owners are only interested in making a profit at the expense of the people who do the daily work that makes these apps a success.

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Passing reforms to improve the lives of drivers and to combat poverty pay

Rideshare drivers in Massachusetts
need legislation that Secures:

When workers have a say in their pay and working conditions, it directly correlates with higher wages and safer workplaces. Gig or on-demand employers are known for exploiting workers, practices that have left many Massachusetts rideshare drivers struggling to survive despite performing a valuable service that riders depend on.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sparked an economic crisis over the past year from mass unemployment and layoffs, more people have turned to rideshare driving than ever before to make ends meet. For too many of us, we have been barely surviving even while driving full time as Big Tech executives make millions off of our labor.

The establishment of collective bargaining rights for rideshare drivers in Massachusetts will flip that paradigm and give us a seat at the table on the issues that matter most. The data shows that when workers have collective bargaining rights, they also have living wages, better standards, and safer working conditions. With this legislation, we will win a voice at work!

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Help drivers lift themselves out of poverty today.

Right now, Uber and Lyft are gearing up to stop the workplace improvements Massachusetts rideshare drivers are fighting for. They’ve already hired lobbyists and are running ads around the state. In addition to trying to block our fundamental freedom to negotiate our working conditions at our jobs, they’re also attempting to exempt themselves from their responsibilities as employers - just like they did in California last year with Proposition 22.

Last year in California, Uber, Lyft, and other Big Tech corporations spent $200 million to strip rights from rideshare drivers, even excluding them from federal minimum wage laws and taking away their paid sick leave. They’re bringing their bad bill to our state now, with Massachusetts Bill HD-2582, an anti-driver bill that is a clone of Prop 22. We won’t let them run their California playbook on us here in Massachusetts.

Drivers are at a crossroads, and everything is on the line. We can’t afford to let Big Tech deny us our rights like they did to rideshare drivers in California - or to miss our shot at securing the $27/hr minimum wage and critical workplace protections IDG members have already shown we can win.

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